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About Amigo Battery

Amigo Battery by Sur-Powr Battery.  Cheap Car Batteries!  In 2011, the battery industry changed.  Almost overnight we saw the cost of goods sold rise 50%.  China had a huge lead crisis where they shut down manufacturing facilities, this dropped the demand for scrap batteries to secondary smelters in the US and Mexico, and the EPA brought new regulations in that made the emissions on US smelters 10 times more stringent.  The industry had too many blows at one time and smelters were forced to spend millions on upgrades or be forced to shut down.

With the increased price of batteries, more end users started to keep there battery until it failed completely.  This reduced our supply of used or reconditioned batteries.  With new batteries pushing the $100 mark, many of our customers could not afford them.  We struggled for years trying to buy used batteries from other sources but the quality and volume was not there.  In October 2015, we found a supplier of inexpensive auto batteries that were produced overseas but had a distribution network within the States. 

The Amigo Battery label was thought of long before October.  Bonnie often tells the story of how her father enjoyed the battery business.  "He didn't consider it work.  He was hanging out with his friends!"  Acknowledging Stanley's love of the business, visiting with his customers, friends, and/or Amigos; the label almost created itself.

Sur-Powr Battery Supply was started in San Marcos in 1985 by Stanley Hughson.  Mr. Hughson saw the need for a battery distributor in the area that would offer competitive prices to local citizens and farmers.  At that time, there were very few automotive supply stores and none of them carried the batteries needed for farm equipment and tractors.

Mr. Hughson's battery business started locally, supplying batteries both to the public and also auto mechanic shops with local delivery routes. From San Marcos, the company began to steadily expand with routes to Austin, San Antonio, and areas in between. He must have done something right because many of our customers have been with us for over 20 years. 
In 2009, Stanley's daughter, Bonnie Hughson took over the business and continues in the foot steps of her father.  She continues to ensure that Sur-Powr provides exceptional customer service, coupled with an excellent product, and a great price!